Problem Statement...

The music, arts and culture heritage play a significant role in the development and progress of Malaysia as a whole. Malaysia is not only known for its beautiful islands, mountains, and scenery, yet we are also known for having the tastiest food on the planet. Variety of food is also a contribution to our society as we have many different ethnic groups living together as one.

The uniqueness of having different ethnic groups comes with its own culture and heritage, and through time we have witness the cross between cultures evidently creating Music, Arts, Drama and Dance in its own creative way. Recently Malaysia is seeing a rise of creative individuals weather is in Singing, Acting, Comedy, Producing, Dancing, and many others, we are also creating an impact internationally as Malaysia has set the standards high with producing local talents such as Harith Iskander (The Funniest Man In the World 2017) and Yuna, our very own local star who has many numerous hit singles on the US Top 40 charts and also worked alongside with renown world class musicians such as Usher and Pharrell Williams. 

With such great growth happening in a brief period, the true focus has been diverted into producing artist, actors, painters, events, concerts, television show etc. But the fact is somewhere along the line we forget that the solely most critical component in a sustainability of an industry is the development of the audience or some businesses would say “generating customers”.
Currently the supply of good talents has reach its peak here in Malaysia, but we fail to realize that with all this supply must also be followed by a steady stream of demand. Without bridging the gap between the Arts Industry and the audience, we would encounter a rise in over supplying of talents with a decreasing number of demand and that would create a collapse of the entire Industry that we believe, worked hard for, and love. 

It has come to this moment where we would need bridges to be built, unity must be formed, and collaboration must be made in order to create partnerships that could be the key factor in understanding and changing the mindset of our society in order for us to have a solid foundation for a better future tomorrow.

Without audience, we would have empty shows, and that leads to unsustainable business module and evidently the Art will die.


Our Solution

The MADD Initiatives is a combination of Music, Arts, Drama & Dance with a joint collaboration of talents, educators, promoters, influential individuals in the Arts industry coming together as one, highlighting the current issues and creating solutions together, the goal is to help preserve and grow the Arts Industry here in Malaysia as well as promoting our heritage and culture locally and internationally.

One sign of a healthy community is its simultaneous ability to preserve and invent its culture — that is, to conserve its history and heritage while developing new expressions for current times. Often, the concept of preservation is interpreted as meaning stagnation when, in fact, heritage and history can be the basis for innovation and advancement. Moreover, heritage and history are frequently essential sources of meaning that give a place character and resonance. In a country as diverse and complex as Malaysia.

The MADD Initiatives believes that talented individuals should pursue and share their talents instead of suppressing it as the growth and preservation of the Arts industry for the future generation strongly depends on how we decide to act on it. We encourage the youth and the older generation to embrace hidden talent weather if its Singing, Dancing, Painting, Composing, Producing, or even Acting, and with the help and resources of MindSpace, & Livespace and its collaborating partners, We will then empower the talents with knowledge and connecting them through our platform with promoters, event organizers, producers and Corporates.

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